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Antics, Inc.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
On Saturday, June 22, 2002, on a hot St. Louis summer day, a group of adventurers sallied forth to take pictures of... well... lots of random things. Here are the results. Enjoy!
Oh, and just for the record, the winners of the hunt were team 2: Margaret, Jen, Evan, and Erin. Second place were Freddie, Elaine, Faith, and Alex. Third place went to Ro, Brian, and Amy.
Coming soon are some pictures of Freddie and Elaine with the Bunny, and a random shot of the Statue of Liberty.

Weed Whacker

Wedding Party

Water Ballet 1

Water Ballet 2

Traffic Cones



Shopping Cart Races

Rubber Chicken

Someone in a Rams Jersey

"Pussy Galore"

Punk Hairstyles


Pink Elephant

Phone Booth

Paradox 1

Paradox 2

News Vans

Military Guy

Margaret, Jen, Evan, & Erin

Freddie, Elaine, Faith, Alex

Golf Carts

Fun in a Can




Picture with a Police Officer

Colorado License Plates

House with Christmas Lights Still Up

Cornerstone Adding up to 15

Banana peels

Abandoned Cars